F.U.N. Friday: The Dark Knight (and power creep) Rises [part 3 of 3]

Posted on August 10, 2012


A few weeks ago, Heroclixin’ began analyzing how a street-level set like Dark Knight Rises is at least a little overpowered. Sometimes grossly so. We saw how the Common, Uncommon and Rare bits threaten to break the game with their Power Leap Factors of 1 through 5. Now let’s conclude with looks at the Power Leap Factor of the Marquee and DKR starter pieces (#s 100-106) and the mass market figures (#s 201-210).

Batman 100: As first glance, this version of Bats looks soft and underpowered and overcosted with only six clicks of life and a bit of Toughness. He doesn’t even start with Outwit. Then you note his trait that gives him hefty bonuses when played with the Gordon figures in the set (and we’ve already noted how great a Power Leap Factor one those guys has). And THEN you note his other trait giving him penetrating damage AND an effective 12 AV against his target as long as he’s attacking from Stealth or elevated (which, being Batman, is gonna be almost always). That’s ridiculously good, even for Bats. Power Leap Factor 4.

Batman 101: Meanwhile, the starter Batman is considerably less powerful for only 5 less points: one fewer target and range, worse defenses, a barely usable SP and no traits. He does start and finish with several clicks of Outwit and Perplex, respectively, across a long 8-click dial. But as Batman figures go, the Power Leap Factor here is just 0.

Catwoman 102: Her trait means she’ll almost never be attacked by any character lacking a moving attack or anti-Stealth ability, and Leap/Climb is always good on sneaky Outwitters like her. Power Leap Factor 4, easily.

Bane 103: Only two clicks of damage reduction is wholly outweighed by his A) effective +1 AV vs. teams/keywords for himself AND his team, B) Flurry + Super Strength-on-the-2nd-attack SP and C) Regen to Willpower combo. Power Leap Factor 3.

The Joker 104: Shape Change seems a bit odd, but Ledger Joker does tend to use disguises pretty often. Power Leap Factor 0

Harvey Two-Face 105: Prob Control? Penetrating Blast? Exploit Weakness? STEAL ENERGY? None of these powers make any sense on this character, really, except to make him playable. That rates Power Leap Factor 5.

Sgt. Gordon 106: Kinda silly that he just gets powers out of the blue from teammates. Power Leap Factor 3.

Batman 201: Unparalleled moving attack ability, Exploit Weakness and a sky-high 12 AV (cheapest fig to start the game with such in years) is balanced to Power Leap Factor 3 by his inability to be stat-boosted by allies.

Bruce Wayne 202: Leap/Climb, again, is thoroughly misplaced. Why’s he get range? SMH. Only his overall high cost holds his Power Leap Factor to a modest 2.

Catwoman 203: Another Selina boasting a high Power Leap Factor (3) due to her ability to steal objects, Flurry, Perplex, and push freely with Indomitable. The 3 range is what pushes her over the top.

Bane 204: Not too bad, actually. Perma-Toughness/Mastermind, RCE and Perplex are all held back by poor speed and mediocre AV. Power Leap Factor 0.

Rachel Dawes 205: Why does an assistant district attorney get Stealth? Or Mind Control? Answer: Power Leap Factor 1, just for the sake of a little playability. At least the anti-Poison/Incap trait is actually story-based.

John Blake 206: He’s definitely an exceptional cop in the film (hence the Indom.), but neither the Underworld TA nor the Sharpshooter is really backed up by the film. He’s also got that trait of Outwitting team abilities. Why? Power Leap Factor: 3

The Joker’s Henchman #3: Power Leap Factor 1, ’cause there’s little out of place with this piece other than the 17 Defend from a nameless mook. And that appears mid-dial, so it’s hardly a concern.

The Joker’s Henchman #4: Power Leap Factor 1 for his penetrating damage Energy Explosion. Why’s he rate that SP?

The Joker 209: What’s with the penetrating damage SP? It’s conditional enough to only call for a low Power Leap Factor rating by itself, but the lonnnnng run of Probability Control after click 1 is excessive enough to bump it to 2.

Arkham Asylum Escapee 210: Power Leap Factor 0…nothing overpowered here.


For a street-level set, Dark Knight Rises sure brings the cheese in terms of scale.