Card Art #15 & #16

Posted on August 6, 2012


Time to resume this series talking about DC feats and BFC cards that I went back and customized with artwork for fun. (Here’s a link back to the original concept.)

Continuing with the Collateral Damage set’s feats. Next up is Movethrough:


The artist is the great Alan Davis, from a 2000 JSA cover. The feat was basically designed to help boot speed characters, especially giants like the above Atom Smasher, get to the targets they wanted. Back then, giants didn’t ignore smaller characters during movement and had a two-square adjacency zone instead of just being able to punch from two away. So while it made giants superb tie-up figures, it was also an incredible weakness because most giants are priced as fighters, not cheap tie-up. Now that giants move more like fliers, this feat is largely obselete on them. It still has some use for standard-sized walkers, though.

Here’s another feat that’s not seen that much anymore:

The attack bonus granted by Ambush usually isn’t worth exposing the attacker from its Stealth. It’s still a neat feat, though. This Val Semeiks art from “JLA: Foreign Bodies” of Batman apparently delivering a surprise blow to the arch-villain Kobra fit the card perfectly.


Next time, Card Arts continues with the final feat from Collateral Damage.

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