Top Ten Duos in HeroClix: #1 and playing tips for the also-rans

Posted on August 3, 2012


Now we’ve come down to the #1 duo in HeroClix:

Thor and Loki (Hammer of Thor 057)

Despite weighing in at an unmatched 362 points for a single-based figure, they’re clearly the choice.

  • They start with Running Shot and 10 range to get the carnage started. They bear Invulnerability through a trait so it can’t get countered and Shape Change to avoid attacks altogether.
  • They’re Mystic, so opponents won’t want to target them much, anyway.
  • They’re Indomitable, so they can push immediately next turn.
  • They’ve got Perplex to make their ensuing Duo Attack deal out a crippling 11 clicks, potentially.
  • They’re single-base fliers, so TK can yank ’em back or send ’em forth, depending, and they won’t have much problem maneuvering themselves.
  • Their AV never dips below 10. Their DV, 16. Damage is usually 4 or better.

Their only drawback is the DV SP, which saddles them with the range-killing Battle Fury. It also gives Exploit Weakness, so we’re over it.

Being a superb fig and one that certainly makes great use of the Duo symbol makes these oft-feuding half-brothers the single best Duo in HeroClix.


“That’s all good and well, Heroclixin,'” someone is saying. “YOU can actually GET these Super Rare chase collector Buy-It-By-The-Brick-eight-sets-ago figures. How about the rest of us who want to use just regular duos that didn’t make the list?”

Glad you asked. Here are some tips on how to play all duos to the maximum degree.

Boost their damage. Just as powers like Energy Explosion or Incapacitate grow exponentially better with multiple arrows, so does Duo Attack benefit from higher damage. (You’ll note how many of the  characters on the list had great damage numbers as a plus.) So field some Perplex or Enhancement to easily increase Duo Attack’s output.

Telekinesis. If they can be moved with the mind, then do it. Most duos made prior to Brave & Bold were single-based.

Find ways to push duos safely. Most of the time, they’re going to have to get into position first. Therefore, the sooner the duo can start attacking in earnest, the better. There are some ways to grant Willpower or something like it to duos lacking it: Edward Nigma, Harvey Dent (Dark Knight Rises 017), Warbound or the new Asgardians ATA, to name a few. And, of course, just know the duo’s dial and be willing to push onto a new click.

Probability Control. The strength of Duo Attack is that it means more attack rolls. Might as well make ’em count. Similarly…

Outwit. It’ll take some dial memorization, but try to time your Duo Attack when you can hit a countered target both times with the defense power still countered (at least until WizKids actually fixes Outwit the way I’d like).

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. The number 8 duo makes other duos better, remember? And as Super Rare figures go, this piece is easy to acquire.

And then there are duo-specific feats to consider:

Sidestep. The first duo feat, this 10-pointer grants 4 squares of movement in between Duo Attacks. The lack of free breakaway keeps it from being a must-use. But it can be really handy.

Show Off. When the first shot KOs a target, you can pass on making the 2nd attack and not give the duo an action token. Obviously, this one is pretty circumstantial, especially for lower-damage duos. Not worthless, but not really worth the 6 points if you have other options.

Power Barrage. Another 6-point feat, this one grants a free (but weaker) attack after one of a number of Attack powers are used. Another one that’s not remotely a slam dunk of a feat.


That’s all, folks. Heroclixin’s taking a short vacation. On Wednesday, expect a new battle report, probably highlighting some more newly played pieces. We’ll pick up on the look at The Dark Knight Rises set in a week.   Until then, have F.U.N. Heroclixin’!