Top Ten Duos in HeroClix: Part 2 of 4

Posted on August 1, 2012


Man, good duo figures are hard to come by. Numbers 10-8 were either Super Rares or part of a $100 collectors’ set. The next three? All chase figures.

#7 is this emo couple:

Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man (Chaos War 059)

Weighing in at a hefty 225 points, this star-crossed pair makes the list almost purely because of Wanda’s contribution: her Chaos Magic SP:

With it, they can render even normally uncounterable opponents powerless in any given area. Sure, it’s a little too random to depend entirely upon it, but it’s a free action.

After they get into position with Running Shot, Scarlet Wonder will rely on Duo Attack to deal most of their damage. With Probability Control to better ensure either shot lands, and a hefty 4 damage to lead to potential 7 clicks, there’s ample reason to do so on the opening four clicks of life.

Late in their dial, they get a SP that causes them to deal penetrating damage to high-cost figures. Combined with Duo Attack, they can utterly decimate tentpoles.

They’ve got all the drawbacks of double-based duos: unCarryable, unTKable and, with only a modest 8 starting boot speed, they may find it tough to move around. They also don’t push well — it’s tough to leave that first Chaos War click in favor of Super Strength, even if they upgrade to 11AV and Impervious (and you’d rather force opponents to take Mystics damage digging through all that armor anyway).

Nevertheless, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man are a solid enough figure on their own that’s only made better by having Duo Attack at their disposal. They rate #7.


#6 is the smallest duo:

Ant-Man and Wasp (Chaos War 053)

These wee folk have a few tricks up their pint-sized sleeves. Most notable is their trait which, like a mirror version of the Mystics TA, deals unavoidable damage against adjacent foes for misses against them (either by those adjacent enemies or others shooting at the insect-size couple). This probably accounts for the bulk of their weighty 168-point cost.

They also have Poison and Exploit Weakness to further trouble folks in melee.

With that latter power, twinned with first Charge to get in close and then Plasticity to stay nearby, there doesn’t seem to be much call to use the Duo Attack ability.

But there is, because Ant-Man and Wasp can be TKed or effortlessly carried by almost ANY ally, thanks to their single base and Tiny Size ability. When a duo doesn’t have to burn actions getting into position to use the Duo Attack, the ability gets that much better. Against soft targets, it’s the preferred move.

With this better mobility than nearly any duo in the game along with their ability to deal lots of free and/or penetrating damage, Ant-Man and Wasp are the #6 duo in Heroclix.


#5 :

Thor and Hercules (Chaos War 059)

This demigodly duo is all about massive damage, period. Once they complete their opening Charge + Exploit Weakness, this Indomitable, Impervious fig can deal out 7-8 clicks via Duo Attack.

And you’ll want to use the ability as often as possible, since missing the first attack means +1 to all their stats for the 2nd shot.

Once Impervious is lost, they get Invulnerability that can’t be countered and boosts DV each time they’re targeted in a turn. Decent defense against Outwitters and swarm attacks.

Boot speed and a big peanut base are the usual liabilities, and with only average 6 range and a sky-high 300-point price, Thorcules can still be overwhelmed and thus “only” rates #5 on the top duos list.


Tomorrow, it’s 4, 3 and 2.