Token Totin’ Thursday: Chaos War completed

Posted on July 26, 2012


The last two characters to go into Heroclixin’s photographic record of Super-Strong figs that can hold objects are a pair that don’t actually have Super Strength.

Instead, both have the ability to temporarily use the power under certain circumstances. First is Hank Pym (Chaos War 014), who can pick any standard Attack power when on an object:

It tucks neatly under his left arm as shown…though because the power only lasts ’till the end of turn, he’ll be dropping it like it’s hot as soon as he finishes moving, anyway.

Then we’ve got Taskmaster (Chaos War 048) who can copy any power of an opponent he can see with an action token in 8 squares:

Not sure how “photographic reflexes” can get you instant super-muscles, though.

And that’s it for Chaos War!

(Well, it’s almost completed. There’s one more character with Super Strength who I’ve never gotten my hands on. I just don’t have $150 lying around to get this big boy:

I suppose one could fit a token in between any of his fingers. I really want one to try it out! Someone gift one to Heroclixin’!!!!