Token Totin’ Tuesday: Chaos War (part 4)

Posted on July 24, 2012


Continuing the photographic record of just how each character with the Super Strength power can hold their object token (the old ones, anyway. The newer ones found in the Avengers and Dark Knight Rises starter sets might be too thick) somewhere on the sculpt unassisted.

We’re almost done with Chaos War, a set that’s surprisingly light on the green attack power to be “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Today we have this star-crossed duo:

The token is held in Wonder Man’s energy tendrils instead of his hand like on his other sculpts (though that hold can work, too).

Tomorrow, read a battle report on Chaos War pieces. Then be here Thursday for two more pieces that, at first glance, might not look super-strong at all. But they can heft the heavies (and lights) with the burliest of them for a turn or two.