Token Totin’ Thursday: CHAOS WAR edition part 1

Posted on July 12, 2012


Pretty behind on this set, as money issues are keeping me from getting much of it at all. I’m also late getting this up. But that won’t stop this photographic record of how each Super-Strong character can hold object tokens on the sculpt.

From left: Ultron Drone holds it easily among the smoke. Space Phantom (who can temporarily use Super Strength sometimes via their respective Special Powers) holds his more tenuously, leaning it on his chest and barely trapped with his elbow. Wonder Man holds his securely just like his future self (and sculpt-swap) Hollywood did in Galactic Guardians. Iron Man Drone does as Space Phantom does, but a little better.


I’ll surely have a bit more after Saturday’s sealed game. Probably. In the meantime, Friday will act as an addendum to the Most Needed Remakes list from several weeks back, and perhaps I’ll get another installment of Card Art up.