Posted on June 15, 2012


Long before keywords, I was all about theme teams in HeroClix. From attempting to run teams composed entirely of Black women back in 2006 to the Wall-to-Wall Alter Egos squads I tried last summer, it’s clear that “theme” has a broader meaning that just running a bunch of Martial Artist-keyworded fellows on a team. Case in point:


To be a Luchador, the figure had to be:

  • male
  • masked, with head fully covered
  • at least partially bare-armed

Like these folks:

Bane (DC 75th Anniversary) 140


Atom Smasher (Giants) 97

The Atom (DC 75th Anniversary) 50


Red Shift (Galactic Guardians) 106 

Juggernaut (Giant-Size X-Men) 193

= 586 points of ready-for-Mexican-rumble-in-the-ring roughhousing. I’d add some brick-friendly feats and BFCs to help this low-range team:

  • Resistance (for the JSA members to share in Outwit protection)
  • Darkness (to cut down on enemy ranges)
  • Skyscrapers (to eliminate sniper perches)
  • Protected and Not So Special (both for my giant target, Atom Smasher)
  • Secret Six ATA (for Bane)

I ran this cool team in a 600-point Golden tournament last weekend. Check in on Wednesday’s Battle Report to see if they body-slammed foes — or got forced to tap out.