Top Ten Needed Remakes: #2 & #1

Posted on June 8, 2012


Finally, the top two figures that need a remake. These make people say: “Did you even read the actual comic?”

Lady Shiva

She’s the DCU’s premier martial artist, second to none. But when she was made way back in the second DC set, Cosmic Justice, she only rated a 9 Attack Value that sank to eights, sevens and even an unthinkable 6 AV.

Second to none? Maybe second to the worst.

If the character existed in the real world, the quite amoral Lady Shiva would probably kill the designer with a heart-stopping death palm just to make a statement.

Redesigning Shiva shouldn’t be hard. It’d be as simple as taking the best non-superpowered martial artist HeroClix figure in the game, giving her the same abilities and then juicing up the stats some. Think GG Gamora, but a little less super.

But there ought to be some aspect of Shiva’s “alpha-predator-of-the-martial-arts” ferocity in there, somehow. Perhaps a trait that A) forces -1 AV to all non-Martial Artist foes against her and B) forces her to attack or attempt to base the highest-point Martial Artist on the other team and scores extra points if she KOs it.

In any case, fixing Lady Shiva would correct the second greatest miss in HeroClix design history, making her Heroclixin’s #2 most needed remake.


The #1 FAIL, though?

Marvel Boy The Uranian

This Agent of Atlas, as seen in Hammer of Thor, is as poorly made a figure as we’ve ever seen in HeroClix:

  • The name’s wrong. The character had stopped calling himself “Marvel Boy” decades ago. He goes by the code “The Uranian” now, in homage to his adopted homeworld of Uranus (…it’s a long story).
  • The sculpt’s wrong. Not only has he long stopped using his red-and-blue costume of the ’50s, but it also was bare-legged, not blue-trousered as in the HeroClix figure.
  • The powers are wrong. As Marvel Boy, he was kinda your basic flying brick via his energy- and gravity-manipulating wristbands. The HeroClix figure doesn’t reflect much of that at all. As The Uranian, he’s more of a psychic, with telepathic powers and strong illusion-casting abilities. The HeroClix figure doesn’t reflect much of that at all, either.

Uranian’s other chief contribution to the team is his mentally controlled spaceship that serves as their transport. If only there were a way to symbolize that in HeroClix.

Oh, there is, you say?

“LEAPFROG: Chase Stein can use Leap/Climb. Chase Stein can use the Carry ability to carry up to eight friendly characters that must have the Kid, Runaways, or Teen keyword. Chase Stein can carry friendly characters with the Runaways keyword regardless of their attack and speed symbols. Chase Stein’s speed value is not modified by the Carry ability.”

Wow. And it was in the VERY SAME SET. Instead, Marvel Boy got a horribad SP that does nothing but bloat his cost to an unusable 102 points of ineffectiveness — especially with his 9 and 8 AVs:

“TELEPATHIC PROJECTION: Marvel Boy can use Mind Control. After a successful attack by Marvel Boy using Mind Control, he can use Incapacitate as a free action targeting the same character.”

Really. Every other member of the team is a decent piece. How did this solitary one go so incredibly wrong in every way?

A proper Uranian would have some frontloaded Outwit or Perplex (or both), the ability to carry multiples of his Atlas teammates a la Chase Stein’s power above (complete with some damage reducers for the ship’s hull and Ranged Combat Expert for his ship’s big gun, the Meteor Smasher) and, of course, a more proper sculpt, as seen near the end of My Custom Mods series. In the comics, he’s very much the linchpin of the team as the backfield support figure.

For just plain comic accuracy AND game playability, Marvel Boy / The Uranian is Heroclixin’s number one needed remake.