Top Ten Needed Remakes: #8 & #7

Posted on June 5, 2012


Next round, goes to characters who’ve gotten some useful versions, but have evolved well past their  do-one-thing-well origins. Again, one from each of the Big Two:


Captain Atom

The Legacy versions did one thing well: Running Shot while being Impervious. Just like, y’know, several other dials in the game. But that’s not what makes Captain Atom unique. In addition to being a flying, blasting machine, he has the ability to absorb the energy of, say, a detonating nuclear bomb, then later release it in a self-detonation of his own that tends to fling him through time. (There was a sort-of version of him as a villain, Monarch (Crisis 043), but the less said of that, the better.)

So give him a Trait that reflects that, something like this:

When Captain Atom is hit with Pulse Wave, or takes 3 or greater damage from a ranged attack, roll a d6 and subtract the damage he’d take from the result and put that many Detonation tokens on his card. At the beginning of each turn, remove a Detonation token; when the last is removed, he must immediately use Pulse Wave as a free action and is removed from the battlefield. Replace each of the Detonation tokens and place him on his card and remove a token at the end of each round. When the last token is removed, place him in his starting area. If the game ends before he returns, victory points are scored by the opponent.

Short version: When he takes a big blast, he explodes with the excess energy and is transported to the future.

Needed keywords: Justice League International, Soldier, Super Buddies. Because he’s a mainstay of those named keywords in particular and has never quite gotten a dial that really nails him, he’s Heroclixin’s #8 Most Needed Remake.


Scarlet Witch

I had a nice long treatise written on how Scarlet Witch deserves to be more than a cheapo boot speed Probability Control specialist that might be able to toss up a Barrier sometimes. I also wrote about how powerful a flying, reality-warping Switchie would be… too powerful, probably, for the game even in today’s power creep leap atmosphere. I mean, how do you balance a character who can say a sentence and permanently counter a whole keyword?

Anyway, it was a great entry, until WordPress “No more mutants’d” it and it was lost forever. 😦

Hence, this short version.

The Scarlet Witch we need is still a Prob specialist, but with a bit more offensive focus. Her version of PC should only work on enemies’ rolls, and when she forces a miss, she can counter a power or ability the attacker used during the action, including team abilities (and regardless of team abilities).

That accurately reflects her “hex-bolts” or “chaos magic” more than basic PC. Meanwhile, solid range and offensive numbers (at least 10 AV and 3 damage at range) should suffice for her skills on the battlefield.

Because this longtime Avenger needs a definitive version, she’s Heroclixin’s #7 Most Needed Remake. Maybe the soon-to-release Chaos War version(s?) will do justice to Marvel’s biggest sometime-chaos magician?


Tomorrow and Thursday, the countdown moves to characters that sorta proxy for their whole crew but happen to be the one most in need of remake for one reason or another.