Top Ten Needed Remakes: #10 & #9

Posted on June 4, 2012


These are characters that have at least one full dial (not counting bystanders) in the game but are somehow inadequate and need to be redone, STAT. We’re starting with a pair from both mainstream universes that have some dials that are playable, but are woefully outdated both power-wise and character/keyword/teamwise.

Moon Knight

The white-clad nocturnal crimefighter has gotten a pair of lightweight renditions (REV in Critical Mass and an Uncommon in 2007’s Avengers) that don’t properly represent his “Marvel’s Batman if he had Super Strength and was insane, sometimes” level of ability.  The 2007 Avengers version made a go at it, but severely failed due to a poorly written, three-fold Special Power that can only be 2/3 used. (He can use Close and Ranged Combat Expert or self-Perplex but takes a click of damage right after. The trouble is that Perplex’s effects go away after taking damage, so he could never — EVER! — use his Perplex.)

Moon Knight’s profile has also risen a little bit in the Marvel U. since his last clix incarnation, having helmed a pair of solo series and won a place in the Secret Avengers. So since his erroneous SP was never given an errata and he needs the Avengers keyword proper, Moon Knight is Heroclixin’s #10 Most Needed Remake.


Power Girl

“Peegee” had a decent-for-the-time trio of versions made in 2005’s Legacy set, with the Vet starting with Charge, Quake and Impervious for  just 120 points. But like most every figure of the time as well, she dropped fast, sinking to sad lows by mid-dial. What good is Super Strength’s appearance with Attack Values of just 8 and 7 and no Charge or anything and utter dependence on the Justice Society team ability to prop up defenses of 15, 14 and 13?

2010’s Brave and the Bold set brought us a much beefier Power Girl at 199 points, sporting the same JSA team ability as the older REV (but with better DVs), the appearance of Hypersonic Speed, nonstop, uncounterable Super Strength and a nifty Special Power granting Exploit Weakness against non-Robot, non-Willpowered foes.

But in the end, this Power Girl is still not right.

  • Her Attack Values are almost exactly as bad as her Legacy incarnation. How does that happen in this stage of the game? She’s the most expensive Modern figure in the game to have a click of 7 AV on her dial — one of just nine costing 150 or more points — and one of the only three that have 2 clicks of it. The other two are human Ms. Marvel and Psycho-Man, both of Secret Invasion and costing 31 and 48 points less, respectively.
  • Her Super Strength trait had to be added via errata. Though I don’t doubt it’s built into her cost — how else to explain it? — one wonders if some of those points are again wasted on her inability to hit many targets literally half her weight class for literally half her dial.
  • Where’s the range? She’s a Kryptonian, with the heat-ray optics to match. I know she likes to tangle in close, but it’d be nice to have the option.

Add to it all her poor sculpt, which totally fails to capture the spirit of the cover art that inspired it, and you have a character who deserves much better. Let’s hope there’s a shot at the classic, pre-New-52 version of Power Girl, Heroclixin’s #9 Most Needed Remake.


Next round, goes to characters who’ve gotten some useful versions, but have evolved well past their  do-one-thing-well origins.