Top Ten Needed Remakes: intro

Posted on June 1, 2012


“We can rebuild him…we have the technology.”

Been a little while since I did a Top Ten. Really needed the break after spending the first four months of the year slowly completing a bunch of them.

But now we’re into the first full week of a new month, which is when I usually do these. I’m not ready to do a very in-depth Top Ten in the vein of the top Barrier pieces, or the 10 needed changes.

Rather, I’m looking to the future for Heroclixin’s Top Ten Needed Remakes. These are characters  that have at least one full dial (not counting bystanders) in the game but are somehow inadequate and need to be redone, STAT.

As an example (and to keep them from burning up four of the 10 slots by themselves), I present Power Pack (with text cut-and-pasted from way back in Sept. ’09):

Gee: Originally, the oldest Power kid (age 12.5, not 15 like his card says) could only affect the gravity of people and objects he touched, making some version of Super Strength and the Carry ability a shoo-in. But the current revamp recasts him as more of a standard telekinetic, and that’s the clix we got. It’s OK, but not accurate.

Lightspeed: Also mis-aged on her character card, Julie only flew real fast at first. Much, MUCH later she learned to teleport, but that was never her main power. The current Lightspeed (in the kids’ books, not the teenaged runaway seen in recent years) has been treated as much as a speedster as anything, and even the original broke the sound barrier early in her career. Would it have been too much to give her at least ONE click of Hypersonic Speed, even with super-low attack and damage values?

Mass Master: the greatest disappointment of the four, thanks to his way-too-low defense numbers. Think of it; he’s an intangible cloud most of the time (and a 5-inch-high, 60-pound “Jack Hammer” the rest). He should have 17 DV at minimum with Defend or something, not to mention Phasing/Teleport for his ability to slip through any crack in his cloud form. Drop his damage to 0 with Close Combat Expert.

Energizer: the original Katie was considerably more destructive than the new incarnation that the ‘clix version seems based on. Always relied upon to either disintegrate or smash walls and such, the youngest deserves some 3 damage clicks.

The actual top ten will have a little less griping than this example. But you get the idea.

Be here all next week to see Heroclixin’s choices and see how they line up with yours!