Token Totin’ Thursday: HULKED-OUT edition

Posted on May 31, 2012


Welcome again to the photographic record of how all the sculpts of characters with the Super Strength power can hold object tokens.

Back when the Incredible Hulk set was fairly new, I managed to get shots of two of the six Hulked Out Heroes chase figures, IceHulk and Mighty Thorr. Now, thanks to fellow player David Leverette, I’ve photographed the other four below:

Wolverage effortlessly holds his heavy under his right claw. Winter Hulk, on the other hand, already has his hands full with his puny shield and can only lamely lean the token on his chest. Hulkmariner must’ve been occupying water terrain, ’cause he’s balancing a light object on his head and under his right arm. (And he really is just balancing it; it’s not a great hold at all.) Finally, Hulklops’ is wedged in his stat slot and some eyebeams.


Token Totin’s takin’ a break next week; it’s time for another monthly Top Ten countdown. Be here tomorrow for the intro!