Token Totin’ Tuesday: AVENGERS mini-edition (part 2)

Posted on May 22, 2012


Welcome again to the photographic record of how all the sculpts of characters with the Super Strength power can hold object tokens.

I was hoping to post a final update with of photos of  the rest of the Avengers Movie ‘clix with objects in hand (or otherwise). But I’ve yet to even see either a Frost Giant Champion or Laufey — or even the regular Frost Giant! — to test it out.

Still, I’m pleased to present this Avengers Movie clix that can tote his tokens: The mighty Thor (020 & 200)!

Thor’s token fits easily under his cape, though it’s not quite as secure a fit as it looks like it should be.


And oh, look! I got ahold of two of the the other Super Strong characters in the set to photograph: Volstagg (the Voluminous) and Iron Man 019!

Both tuck their tokens underneath their respective elbows.