F.U.N. Friday: Teams I want to play

Posted on May 17, 2012


Activity on the site’s been a little scant, lately. Too often, time I planned to use on Heroclixin’ has gotten eaten up by surprise freelance work (that doesn’t pay well enough) or just plain fatigue.

Sorry about that.

To make up, here’s a little bit of Heroclixin’ fun for ya: a team I want to play once I’ve accomplished my goal of playing my two Fast Forces cases full of unplayed pieces.

The Nazgul.

Witch-King of Angmar
Servant of Sauron x2
Black Rider x2
One of the Nine
Ringwraith x2
All Nine at once equals 930 points. Since LOTR figures are Golden Age, maybe I ought to add 70 points of feats, objects and resources to fill in the gap, such as:
Fortitiude: 25 points. Defense against Outwit and, perhaps more importantly, Exploit Weakness for the King.
Vampirism: 6 points. Though all qualify, it’s best on Servant of Sauron.
With the ‘Wraiths and the King and Nazgul and One all sporting Exploit Weakness, the 5-point Yellow Lantern is a no-brainer, objects-wise.
The One Ring: I mean, why NOT? 10 points.

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