Battle Reports: The relaunch

Posted on May 9, 2012


So this little feature grew to be one of the toughest to do, each week. Part of the reason is because I really wanted to go into detail writing about each step of the match. But time just simply doesn’t allow for it.

Lack of time and opportunity also did a number on my actual clix playing for the first quarter or so of this year. As a consequence, I have a lot of unplayed pieces.  Lately, every game I play is dedicated to running as many of those unplayed ‘clix as I can stand, whether it’s a simple 200-point pickup game or a sealed Infinity Gauntlet tournament for a coveted Elder of the Universe figure.

As a result, this space on Wednesdays will be dedicated to mini-reviews of a newly played HeroClix piece from the week before rather than full-blown battle reports. To wit:

On last Saturday, I came into the venue ready to play a Nova Corps team (the week’s scenario being “Assemble!” —  700 points of a single faction) but saw that two others of the seven players also had Nova Corps. So, having come fresh from a 2nd viewing of “The Avengers” — yes, it was that good — I swiftly rebuilt a second team around the brand-new Free Comic Book Day Thor figure:

Thor (Avengers Movie #200) 150
Iron Man (Avengers Movie #006) 160
Hulk (Avengers Movie #202) 255
Black Widow (Avengers Movie #036) 35 
Captain America (Avengers Movie #204) 100
= 700 points,
unplayed pieces in boldface. No theme bonus, just movie-accurate awesomeness. It got pretty easily to the final match, where I was overmatched by an identically named team of comic-accurate Avengers: Thor and Cap from Hammer of Thor, Black Widow from Cap set, one of Galactic Guardians’ Hulks and Secret Invasion Iron Man. They took out Hulk in just three shots — WizKids really needs to implement my suggested fix to Outwit — providing the only margin of victory needed.

FCBD Thor: At the 150-point level, he made a great tag team running shooter with Iron Man, especially with his Pulse Wave option to get him in close if necessary. He seemed to take damage down to his late-dial Hypersonic Speed clicks a lot, to my opponents’ distress.

Iron Man 006: Performed well but lived by the skin of his teeth in every game. I should’ve considered pushing him to Outwit more often than I did. It might have made a big difference in the champ match I lost if I’d been able to nerf SI Iron Man’s powerful Extremis power.

Black Widow: She was key tieup in every single match except the one I lost, because she just couldn’t get to her mark. That role kept her from being used for her SHIELD team ability, though. I have to find the proper balance for that in the future.

Captain America: A bit torn between keeping him strictly on defense (the +1 DV trait to adjacent pals) and using that 11 AV right off. He also seemed to be a magnet for good enemy attack rolls. Fortunately, he never becomes useless and found a way to help the team to the end.


So, it’s a little less meaty than I’m used to writing. But it’s actually, y’know, done and published, so there’s that. Hopefully, I can keep this going!

Tomorrow, plan to see a normal-sized Token Totin’ entry.