Heroclixin’s Top Ten wish list: #1 & 2

Posted on April 11, 2012


Concluding my look ahead to the Top 10 characters I want to see clixed in the future.

Five Marvel. Five DC. No remakes (…sort of). Here’s the final pair.


DC: Sand

Both a founding member of the modern-era Justice Society of America and one of the survivors of the old DCU’s Golden Age of heroes from the WWII years, Sanderson Hawkins is a JSA mainstay who’s somehow never made it into clix form.

Back in the old days of the Rookie/Experienced/Veteran design scheme, he’d have been perfect for creative dials. The Rookie would reflect his time from the 1940s as the non-powered kid sidekick of the original Golden Age Sandman — think Robin with JSA TA rather than Batman. The Experienced would be an Invulnerable brick for his decades stuck in the form of a sand monster. The Vet would have his current powers of shifting into sand form (and thus phasing through the earth) and his precognitive dreams (Probability Control). Now, with special powers, he could be done even better.

But unfortunately, the JSA has gone from its height of being one of DC’s great titles and teams back when HeroClix was new, 10 years ago, to virtual nonexistence in the New 52 DCU. Worse still, Sand lost out to Big Barda in an unprecedented fan poll last year. So it’s possible that we may never see him made. It’s a shame.


Marvel: Power Pack.

Yeah, this is the big one. I’d like to see all four kids made as one Indomitable peanut-based transporter duo piece. They’d be a wild card (to represent how they team up with older heroes constantly). And, for at least the first half of their otherwise short 100-point dial, they’d have nothing but Special Powers, each slot corresponding to a different member of the team:

In the Speed slot: LIGHTSPEED. Julie would have a nerfed form of Hypersonic Speed (close attacks only and locked damage) and Energy Shield/Deflection.

In Attack is GEE. Alex would have TK, Super Strength and grant the Carry ability to tote 2 characters instead of one. And maybe Incap (if it were upgraded to what it should be).

In Defense: MASS-MASTER. Jack’s ability to turn to a cloud equals Super Senses and Smoke Cloud (for free at 0 range) and Close Combat Expert for his power to compact his molecules for his “Jack Hammer” attack.

Finally, in Damage, ENERGIZER. Katie disintegrates matter and releases the absorbed energy as power balls. That equates to Poison — but with a power action option to remove adjacent walls, objects and blocking to add a POWER BALL token to Power Pack’s card and then use Ranged Combat Expert once for each token. But because she glows when she’s absorbed enough power to shoot, Power Pack don’t get any hindering bonus against range when she’s got said tokens.

Finally, a couple of traits: Power Pack would get Multi-Attack (there’s four of ’em, yo), and their Defense would be +1 against characters lacking the Kid keyword (’cause no one brings their “A” game against children…except other kids).

And that’d be my world champion figure.


All right, that brings my wayyy extended series of Top Tens to a close. Look for a couple of new pocket checklists for the new sets coming out in the next week or so, along with a return to regular programming.

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