Heroclixin’s Top Ten wish list: #3 & 4

Posted on April 9, 2012



DC: Aqualad

Longtime readers will recall that I love the Atlantis theme and keyword, and even you newbies can tell I like ethnic diversity. (If only more people did, maybe I wouldn’t have to write about stuff like this post on my other blog.)

So I was glad to see the new black “Aqualad” on the Young Justice cartoon and, shortly after, in the DC universe proper in “Brightest Day.” I think I prefer the comic version just a tad; I’ve never liked black characters being blond-haired (Storm of the X-Men, I’m thinking of your platinum tresses right now) and I like that the dreadlocked Jackson of the comics is the biological son of Aquaman’s blood enemy Black Manta. I hope he comes back somehow in the new 52.

Clixwise, Aqualad would hopefully bring some cheap Blades/Claws/Fangs to an aqua-team, along with Force Blast tied to water somehow.


Marvel: Daughters of the Dragon

Sword-wielding Collen Wing and robot-armed ex-cop Misty Knight ought to no longer just be underpowered bystander pogs but a full-fledged duo figure. Blades,  Exploit Weakness and Outwit, and Plasticity would well-represent, respectively, Wing’s katana, Knight’s cyborg limb’s strength and hidden functions, and their bondsman business.

Get these Babes Heroes for Hire in the game for real!


Finally: Last two. One we should’ve gotten years ago and the other, my pick if I ever somehow became the HeroClix world champion.

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