Heroclixin’s Top Ten wish list: #7 & 8

Posted on April 4, 2012


After spending the first three MONTHS of Heroclixin’s 2012 looking back, it’s time to look ahead to the Top 10 characters I want to see clixed in the future.

Five Marvel. Five DC. No remakes. Here’s the next pair.

DC: Shilo Norman, Mister Miracle

We’ve gotten a few renditions of the New God Mister Miracle of New Genesis/Apokolips, several of them quite good. But we’ve never gotten his Earth-born protegé Shilo Norman. Although seemingly a pale shadow of the original, Scott Free, Shilo has shown himself to be his mentor’s equal in his way as the last human link to the Fourth World in both his Seven Soldiers series and as an instrumental part of the last fight against Darkseid in Final Crisis.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing the black Shilo Norman outshine the white Scott Free (at least until the New Gods make their triumphant return to DC and clix). C’mon, you know Scott Free would cheer louder than anyone.

The dial would be escape- and evasion-oriented, with high defense numbers including a Special Power Super Senses that allows immediate movement like WoS Nightcrawler’s. There’d be Smoke Cloud, a bit of armor in Toughness (he wore a bulletproof vest in Final Crisis) and, most of all, a SP to “Escape the Life Trap” that brings him back from KO after a few turns to represent his ability to thwart the grave itself.

If it seems like it’s overpowered, fret not: offensive powers would be nonexistent beyond maybe some Incap. Damage shouldn’t top 2, attack values would be 9s and 8s. He’d be more like a 100-point tie-up piece with a short dial. But man, I’d play the heck out of it.


Marvel: Rescue

Tony’s girl friday Pepper Potts got her own repulsor-run suit of armor, but with the stipulation that it not be a personalized WMD. Outfitted with powerful electromagnetic and repulsor tech, her suit’s designed to save people — especially the woman inside it — instead of fighting.

So let’s see that: an armor with Defend and powerful defenses but low, low AV and damage. The ability to carry multiple pals out of harm’s way. The curious presence of Battle Fury to keep her from using the suit’s Super Strength to toss rock — and to represent the ability of the suit’s onboard A.I. to handle things regardless of enemy Mind Control.

(I also just want a new suit for my Stark Armory collection.)


The next two on the wish list hail from places that are not America. (And one is a bit of a cheat.)

(But it’s MY list.)

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