Top Ten WORST HeroClix of 2011 (intro)

Posted on February 6, 2012



Not every HeroClix is good. In fact, some are outright mediocre. And in the year 2011, there were a few stinkers.

Or WERE there? Unlike last year, when it was easy to select 10 pretty awful pieces, the candidates this time around were a lot harder to identify.

For example, I selected Major Glenn Talbot as an early front-runner for the 10 Worst list. Sporting the same lousy 33-point cost and 16 DV + Mastermind and 1 damage as LE Bruce Wayne last year, he seemed to fit the mold.

But then I looked at how superbly the Major supports a Soldier team of shooters with his SHIELD TA and non-stop Enhancement and long run of Willpower. Even his Mastermind works OK, what with the copious numbers of cheaper Soldier or Hulkbuster characters in the game.

That’s why, much as I wanted to, I could not put Talbot among the Top Ten Worst HeroClix of 2011 after all.

That's RIGHT. Respect the uniform, MAGGOT!!!


So what ARE the 10 worst? Keep an eye out this week for ’em!