Top Ten needed change #5: REGENERATION

Posted on December 26, 2011



Regeneration is a double-edged power. On the one hand, it’s a chance to do something few effects allow in HeroClix: healing. On the other hand, it’s a defense power that doesn’t help you one bit on defense and even has a solid chance of utter failure.

The problem is that, in the game, it’s a power action that eats up an opportunity to try running, or fighting, or anything else. In the comics, the power is almost always akin to Wolverine’s healing factor — healing that’s accelerated and automatic.

Regen isn’t costed to be that foolproof and guaranteed. (The Automatic Regeneration feat shows that.) But Regen isn’t quite right as it is, either. Namely, one should never —EVER! — have to risk pushing oneself to KO by choosing to use Regeneration.

Therefore, the #5 most needed change to HeroClix is this additional line to the power’s existing rules:

“This power does not cause pushing damage.”

Regeneration is a dicey enough power as it is. Negative clicks of healing shouldn’t be a possibility.