Token Totin’ Thursday: Halloween freak parade (part 2)

Posted on October 27, 2011


Continuing the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens and the Halloween-y focus, today we’re looking at several freakish-looking characters using Super Strength who can tote their object tokens.

First up are a couple with twin power-siphon SPs: Parasite (Justice League #030):

and Super-Adaptoid from Mutations and Monsters:

Though neither has Super Strength, both could GET Super Strength under the extreme circumstances that it takes to make you use their SPs (and, more importantly, either of these overcosted, inefficient figures).

Not quite so overcosted and inefficient, Ultrahumanite of Unleashed represents the gorillas in this menagerie:

Venom from Sinister, too:

You can tell I took the following pic of Killer Croc (Unleashed and Batman Alpha) before I figured out how to photograph miniatures. But the point that he can hold a token in the crook of his left arm is still plain to see:

Another big green guy…Supernova’s Drax the Destroyer:

Whoa, we’re on a green roll, here! Origin’s Martian Manhunter:

This Martian Manhunter, from The Brave And The Bold, isn’t so green. But he’s just as super-strong:


Secret Invasion’s She-Thing is a token toter, barely:

So is Tombstone from the same set. Wedge it in his stat slot and under his folded arms:

Korg (Mutations and Monsters #018) :

And finally: Supernova’s Super-Skrull (and, by virtue of having an identical sculpt, LE Skymax) holds his token with aplomb!

Tomorrow, see who Heroclixin’s top three Monsters in Modern Age are.