Token Totin’ Tuesday: Halloween freak parade

Posted on October 24, 2011


Continuing the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens and the Halloween-y focus, today we’re looking at several freakish-looking characters using Super Strength who can tote their object tokens.

First up is a refugee from Apokolips, The Parademon (The Brave and the Bold #030):

Next: Blue Devil from Collateral Damage:

It fits in the gap formed by his forearms and staff.

Back to Darkseid’s minions, here’s his son Kalibak (Collateral Damage #095):

Wedged between his rubble and his elbow seems the way to hold, here.

The frightening-looking Venom from Critical Mass joins in the fun:

Much like Blue Devil carries his token in the gap, old-school Venom does it even better!

The shapeshifting Hulkling is only a part-time freak. But yeah…

He can BARELY grip the token wedged between the flight base and his right wrist.

Fantastic Force’s  weirdly faceless Awesome Android has no problem with tokens:

He's big enough to actually hold it in his giant mitts.

The monster-hunting monster Hellboy (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #001) pitches in:

Between his thigh and coat. RAWR!!!!

Hulk (2099 #001) wants to rock and roll all night:

Although he can tote it under either giant arm, doing it with his Gene Simmons-like tongue is more secure (and cooler).

This spider-man Lord Recluse (City of Villains #001) is no hero either, but he’s a token toter:

Man, PICK an arm or three.

DC Giants’ Validus (Giants Collectors Set #002) gets in on it:

That left hand is better to try.

The massive Ragnarok Surtur (Hammer of Thor #201 ) :

Unfortunately, putting the token here may just topple this figure to the table.

And finally: it’s Ulik (Hammer of Thor #021), one of Heroclixin’s top monsters!

Said Top Ten continues tomorrow! Then be back Thursday for another jumbo-sized spooky edition of Token Totin’!