Top Ten Police keyword: #5 and #6

Posted on September 28, 2011



Nightwing (Crisis #029)

Good cop:

  • Leadership followed by Perplex make Mr. Grayson a superb support piece.
  • His triad of team abilities keep him safe and aid in his great support ability.
  • He’s hard to hit, sporting an effective 19 or better DV almost no matter what.
  • He’s very featable, too, qualifying for many of the best. Try not to go overboard!

Bad cop:

  • His low damage is a problem, especially at…
  • …His not-low 79-point cost.
  • It’s a problem that he has to push to gain the more useful Perplex over his Leadership. 

Final report: You’ll have to make sure other pieces can crack through enemy Invulnerable hides, because Dick here won’t be without help. His need for support keeps him off the top 5.


Abin Sur  (Green Lantern Fast Forces #006)

Good cop:

  • Gotta love that “carry anybody” SP! He provides an unequalled level of mobility. Especially with…
  • The Green Lantern team ability. As most Police characters are walkers, he can transport 8 of ’em at a time.

Bad cop:

  • For the latter half of his dial, he’s not carryin’ nobody. 
  • A bit weak on offense.

Final report: At just 50 points, he’s by far the cheapest source of the GL TA and, as such, is a great war wagon to cart around a lot of cops.

Tomorrow, #3 and #4.