Top Ten Police keyword: #7 and #8

Posted on September 27, 2011



Lt. Marcus Stone (Web of Spider-Man #021)

Good cop:

  • Hey, Outwit! Even though he’s got to get close to use it, it’s still welcome.
  • His trait  makes him a boon to ANY adjacent fellow Police officers.
  • He’s not too expensive at 45 points for all that.

Bad cop:

  • His stats aren’t too hot, especially his range.
  • He WILL be a priority target, and one that will pretty much have to be in the thick of things to fully leverage his powers. Keep that in mind.

Final report: But since his Outwit SP is used at short range anyhow, it’s not a real drag on him. Lt. Stone is a low-cost fig that only makes cops better, so he’s easily #8.


Roy Harper Jr.  (Legacy #202)

Good cop:

  • Running Shot with 3 damage makes him an inexpensive cop who can hurt.
  • He pushes to Stealth on click two to make him a nice hidden sniper who can lay down cover fire…
  • …or lend aid with the PD team ability.
  • At just 39 points, he’s not breaking the bank even a little bit.

Bad cop:

  • Horrible horrible HORRIBLE defense numbers, even for the time.
  • That second target? Almost useless. Imagine he’d be barely more than 30 points without it!

Final report: Strictly a secondary or tertiary attacker on a Police squad, but one that will likely be underestimated.

Tomorrow we hit the city streets and the starlit skies…