Top Ten Police keyword: #9 and #10

Posted on September 26, 2011



Rookie Mandroid Armor (Clobberin’ Time #007)

Good cop:

  • low cost. At 28 points, this generic’s the game’s cheapest source of Telekinesis, a power in short supply among Police.
  • SHIELD team ability.  Even down his dial, this keeps him useful for the mostly range-oriented cop squads.

Bad cop:

  • Only one click that’s any good. 

Final report: A good filler piece that offers more than any of the other, cheaper generics, this is Heroclixin’s #10 officer.


Chun-Li (Street Fighter #104)

Good cop:

  • She’s a rare tie-up piece for a Police theme thanks to a near-full run of Combat Reflexes.
  • Street Fighter team ability makes sure she can get off a potential attack during that tie-up action.
  • Or she can take an easier shot with 3 range. Options!
  • Her Flurry lasts a few very pushable clicks to deal out a fair amount of damage to soft targets.

Bad cop:

  • Lack of early Leap/Climb makes her a bit less great at tie-up.
  • Low damage, too.

Final report: She fills a specialized role on Police teams better than any other and thus earns Heroclixin’s #9 spot.

Tomorrow we climb up the chain of command…