Top 10 Police keyword: intro

Posted on September 23, 2011


We in the U.S. look back on 9/11, the day 10 years ago that changed everything. One thing that event made stark to us is how very much we are continually indebted to the heroes in our midst — the first responders. The ones who, while the rest of us run from danger, are running toward it.

And although this describes any given superhero most of the time, too, there’s something more noble about the characters who are sworn to protect and serve when they’re not in the super-suits as well. In HeroClix, they’re represented by the Police keyword.


Some criteria:

  • I’m looking at HEROES. No bad cops allowed. (I’m thinking of you, AA Zoom.)
  • I’m also ranking them according to how well they work with other Police, it being one of the more selective generic keywords.

Be here starting next Monday for the first of the Top Ten of Heroclixin’s Finest!