Card Art #4: Submerged

Posted on September 19, 2011


Continuing this feature (replacing “My Custom Mods”) in which I talk a bit on how I selected artwork for feats and battlefield conditions that didn’t come with art, originally. This Monday, let’s look at Ordinary Day from Icons.

Oh, I didn’t do Ordinary Day from Icons. I forgot there even WAS an Ordinary Day in Icons. So much for BFCs in the set. Let’s move on to the feats!


This much-needed boon to swimmers was quickly nerfed by a ruling saying certain team abilities ignored it. (That’s been rectified, happily.)

Being an Aquaman fan, I didn’t have a great amount of trouble digging up a solid image. This one, I believe, was scanned from issue 16 of the last completed series. I then flipped it to show the character swimming deeper rather than toward the surface.

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