Top 10 Barrier specialists: #2 & #1

Posted on September 9, 2011


2. Veteran Blizzard (Infinity Challenge #090)
Range: 8
Starting clicks of Barrier: 4
53 points

While Experienced Blizzard shares many of the same strengths — great offensive AV, Running Shot + Pulse Wave for the ability to ping away at clusters of enemies — it’s the Vet’s ability to use Masters of Evil TA to push and build Barriers for four straight rounds that puts him near the top as a Barrier specialist. AND he can use Thunderbolts, too? If it weren’t for his total septic-tanking post-Barrier, he’d be number one for sure.


1. Ice (DC 75th Anniversary #007)
Range: 8
Starting clicks of Barrier: 3
47 points

She absolutely nails all the factors: 8 range, low cost, good ability to either damage or super-Incap (via her “Freeze In Place” SP), and still being able to hit when she’s exhausted her long run of Barrier. Her only lack being usable keywords, she takes the crown as the best Barrier piece in HeroClix.

Or does she? As we began this list with a tie, so do we end with one:

1. Klaw (Captain America #210)
Range: 8
Starting clicks of Barrier: 3
60 points
If Ice nails all the factors, Klaw at least tacks them pretty well with a solid 8 range, even better fighting ability with Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Pulse Wave and/or RCE through his run of Barrier (even afterward!) and wildcard ability to boot. The only reason the Scientist-keyworded Klaw ties Ice for first instead of kicking her down to #2 is that he’s more expensive than any of the top 5.

Thanks for reading this, the first top 10 list I ever made (posted at HCRealms some years ago), redone for Heroclixin’! Be back Monday for the Honorable Mentions.