Top 10 Barrier specialists: #6 & #5

Posted on September 7, 2011


Veteran Avalanche (Clobberin’ Time #033)
Range: 8
Starting clicks of Barrier: 4
32 points

His free-moving Brotherhood team ability, deep Barrier dial and dirt-cheapest cost of the list win him a spot despite A) his lack of effectiveness in his secondary role as a Pulse Waver/Energy Exploder and B) his general late-dial uselessness. He also shares a keyword with another inexpensive Barrier piece on the Top Ten…


5. Experienced Pyro (Infinity Challenge #092 / Universe #110)
Range: 8
Starting clicks of Barrier: 2
35 points

He doesn’t offer much Barrier and his life is all but over beyond those first two clicks. So why does he make the list? Three reasons:

  1. He has a free-move team ability in The Brotherhood. It’s not much, but it can help him get easily into prime position for
  2. his secondary role as a sniper. Sure his damage and AV aren’t so stellar, but what do you expect for
  3. the cheap price of 35 points?
Guess even villains like to be protected. See the cream of the Barrier crop starting tomorrow.