New Comic Day Battles: Diana’s Wardrobe (battle 3)

Posted on August 24, 2011


A few months back, I played Diana’s Wardrobe: a team consisting of figures wearing some costume that Wonder Woman’s worn across the years. With the recent release of Wonder Woman (#D-001) at Origins and GenCon, there’s a new addition. I was blessed with one of these ultra-rare figures by a fellow player (and brother-in-Christ), so it’s time to dive into the Amazon’s closet once again!

Wonder Woman (Promo D-001) 190
Wonder Woman (DC 75th Anniversary #W-8) 172
Wonder Woman (DC 75th Anniversary #030) 127
Wonder Woman (DC 75th Anniversary #051) 100
+ Yellow Lantern 5
+ Blue Lantern 5
= 599 points

My basic strategy: Angle for a 1st-strike with Horse WW, backed up by #030’s Defend, then toss out the new WW with White Lantern WW’s TK to deliver support via Perplex and KO-blows.

FIRST ROUND vs. Khan’s GX Magneto, Kitty Pryde, Night Nurse, HT War Machine, Red Guardian, WS Nightcrawler on the indoor/outdoor Helicarrier map.
Highlights: Chasing down Nightcrawler at game’s end sort of validates my general anti-NC strategy: ignore the little blue devil in favor of attacking his more dangerous partners.
Turning Point: Inexperienced, Khan didn’t break Night Nurse away from WL WW’s Poison when he had the chance. That cost him a possible chance to heal Magneto, who’d been good and beaten up by the other Women.
MVPs: WL WW’s Poison was good, but JMS WW’s suPerplex was better for making those clutch hits and defending against same.

SECOND ROUND vs. Chris’s X-Men: WS Nightcrawler, GX Prof. X, GX Cyclops, GX Gambit / Rogue and GX Wolverine on the indoor Helicarrier map.
 Turning Point:

  • In an unexpected move, Chris moved NC within 6 squares of my team (though behind tons of walls and blocking cover), putting my force in imminent danger of being snatched to his partners. But that also played into my hands:
    • First, I used WL WW to smash the blocking in front of me so that
    • Second, a Perplexed, Yellow Lantern’d Horsey WW could Charge THROUGH the resultant hindering terrain and get an unexpected first strike on Nighty!
    • But the successful hit was Super Sensed away and he was able to scoot away to safety, ruining my chance and costing me later when he managed to snatch away DC75 WW on his 3rd try.
  • JMS WW gots Psychic Blasted by the duo and Prof X alike…and at no time did I remember her trait to use Energy Shield/Deflection OR Super Senses, either of which would have made those range attack FAR more likely to miss. FAIL Level 3, as this blunder cost me my pivot character’s best powers (her Amazon-friendly Perplex) and eventually her life.

MVPs: The map. Gave Nightcrawler easy access, but it also kept most of the X-Men from capitalizing on their range ability.

THIRD ROUND vs. Brian’s Robots: BB Lex Luthor & Brainiac, BB Metallo, Bonebreaker, M-11, and two Adaptoids on the Krakoa map.
Turning Point:

  • Thanks to Exploit Weakness, a heavy object and rolling boxcars, Old Spice WW KO’d Bonebreaker in one wondrous hit.
  • Krakoa hurt his team more than mine, constantly robbing M-11 and Lex/Brainiac duo of life via earthquakes and nerve center attacks.

MVPs: the map again. It dealt the ‘bots more hurt than me.

Went 2-1. REALLY kicking myself over that terrible failure to use her defensive trait that, in all likelihood, would have saved that one loss. When am I gonna stop making huge mistakes like that?

I was hoping to play all the Wonder Women in a big 1200-point game in a couple of weeks, but I won’t be able to make it to that one. And in any case, a new Wonder Woman is on the way in the upcoming Superman expansion, so Diana’s Wardrobe is not quite complete! Hopefully, come October, I can run the new piece along with the others.