Card Art #2: Internal Strife

Posted on August 15, 2011


Continuing my new feature (replacing “My Custom Mods”) in which I talk a bit on how I selected artwork for feats and battlefield conditions that didn’t come with art, originally, let’s look at:

I had to move the text up higher on the card considerably to make room for the art, and at this early stage of the CardArt project (when I wasn’t even very serious about it), I did a lot of things pretty sloppily. If you look closely, you can see where I just moved the text, background and all.

Even more problematic was the art. Though the inspiration was never in doubt — it was from the conclusion of a JLA arc in which half the team was mind-controlled by villain Despero into fighting the rest — the scan was an issue, given that the double-paged spread had a big honking seam in it.

The final version of the card is mostly corrected in Photoshop, but you can still totally see where the seam was. It’s certainly better than my original effort, though:

And it’s crooked, to boot. As I’ve said, I didn’t care so much back then.

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