Token Totin’ Thursday: Captain America set

Posted on August 4, 2011


Heroclixin’s photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens continues! Today we’re looking at how the rest of the candidates from the new Captain America set (having already seen LUKE CAGE, Power Man) tote their tokens:

The Secret Warrior, Stonewall:

You can just barely wedge it between the edge of the base and the rivets on his armbands.

Jack Flag, latest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy:

It wedges under his mask!

The villainous Mister Hyde:

Wedge it between his forearm and left thigh.

The robotic Super-Adaptoid (who doesn’t have Super Strength but can gain it through his SP):

Another one that fits in the stat slot and under chin.


This one's a tad tricky. It barely wedges, at an angle, under his forearm and on the base.

and last but not least, Winter Guard strongman Ursa Major:

In Soviet Russia, workers are carrying TWO objects for glory of Motherland!!!

Be back Tuesday for another edition of Token Totin’!