Best of Soldier keyword guest review: Field Commanders

Posted on July 6, 2011


After the grunts on July 4th and the lieutenants Tuesday, Morrison looks at the field commanders below…


Field Commander

These guys may not be as sturdy as the above, but they bring something else to the fight, great supporting ability.


Rocket Raccoon (Hammer of Thor #028)

He brings cheap Prob (with the Leap/Climb mobility to use it best— Editor RKJS) (and, later, Outwit) to a Soldier team. His stats are kinda low, but consider giving him Guardians of the Galaxy ATA so his PC does not become vulnerable to pesky Outwitters. Overall though, his dial is similar to, but not as good as …

Domino (Giant-Size X-Men #017)

For 4 pts more, she brings the hurt. Higher attack, defense, and more Prob make Domino a great addition to a soldier team. (The chance to deal 6 damage doesn’t hurt either.)


Steve Rogers (Captain America #031)

He comes to the fight prepared; with 12 attack and 3 damage he’s hardly a slouch. At 99pts, his Leadership will be used to great effect. His “Focal Point” Trait can be used to great effect to give Avenger friends S.H.I.E.L.D. TA. (and SHIELD guys get to use the Avengers TA for easier deployment! — Editor)


U Nick Fury (Sinister #091 & Classics #2-11)

It’s hard to spend 63 points better. The trick to use this guy to greatest effect is to move him and a friend into hindering, get lucky on Leadership and push to hit. Then you camp out right where you are, sitting high and mighty on your Stealth, with 10 attack Psychic Blast for three damage with Willpower and Outwit. Many people disliked the Sinister set, but even today, Samuel L. Fury holds up pretty well.


Captain Metropolis (Watchmen #008)

Captain Metropolis is one thing, pure and simple: a finesse piece of the highest order. It’s hard to argue with 5 clicks of Enhancement for 40 pts. This guy should be by a battalion of low-cost soldiers, as then he can utilize his STACKABLE, TOKEN REMOVING Leadership. After he takes a hit, he’ll be boosting his friends’ defense and damage.


Sgt. Rock (DC 75th Anniversary #017)

Remember the first part of this review; you know that part where I described all of those effective grunts? Well imagine if you will, a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. Snipers. Now imagine a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. Snipers, Easy Company Soldiers, Black Hawks, Little Sure Shot, Hive Troopers, Checkmate Knights, and some of them equipped with Spotter. Now imagine that force, with each of the above with Willpower.

At 68 pts, you get the single best support figure for soldier teams.

I was always surprised right after DC 75th was released, the general consensus was about how bad it was that Sgt. Rock and his lost brigade couldn’t break Invulnerability. Those people just didn’t have the right perspective; this Sgt is meant to be the Rock of more than just Easy Company.


Next time, Morrison looks at the Elite corps of Soldier keyword.