Best of Soldier keyword guest review: Lieutenants

Posted on July 5, 2011


Having covered the infantry last time, now Morrison looks at the commissioned pieces, Lieutenants:

These guys can hold their own on the field and are great investments for mid-range points.


The Thing (Secret Invasion #104)

Very few, and I mean very few figures can compete with Ben Grimm right here for sheer effectiveness, both in terms of damage and support. His lack of range is not a problem, for this figure you will find a way to get him to the action. Keep your friends close (to use “Yer Ever-Lovin’ Pal”) and your enemies even closer to make full use of the Thing.


Star-Lord (Hammer of Thor #025)

His defense might be low, but Starlord is all about tactics, with good range, high-point Leadership (which is actually useful now) and several options. Remember to Running Shot to base to help his Combat-Reflexes-empowered defense.


Captain America (Hammer of Thor #040)

Unquestionably the best mid-point ranged combat figure PERIOD. Rogers breathes board control. Try to keep him top click to take full advantage of that 20 defense at range, and keep a bruiser-type pal close by to deal with him getting based (your opponent will try to base him). Just like in the comics, he plays best near buddies who can use his Leadership. Out of pure contrariness I like to give him Pym Particles. Your opponent will hate you for sitting on 21 defense while he and his buddies explode anybody who tries to come near.


Winter Soldier (Avengers #050)

Ever since Avengers came out, people have seen this guy’s power. Stealth sniping may not be what it used to be but his 10 range, Stealth and the ability to smash an opponent for 5 damage with Ranged Combat Expert or a heavy object in close is unparalleled. He suffers from late dial defense erosion, but can be an excellent investment for his points.


Unique Wolverine (Armor Wars #095)

A cynical observer would see a dial of straight 2 damage, but I (and Logan’s opponent) would see something very different: S.H.I.E.L.D. TA, 6 range (MM Zombie Wolverine wishes he were this effective), three clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs, and 9 clicks of life, all for 60 pts. This gives James many uses. He’s great as MM fodder. Even drastically weakened he makes for a great body guard. He gives occasional ranged support. Most versions of Wolverine demand Automatic Regeneration, but not the AW unique…keep him svelte and deadly.


Mademoiselle Marie (The Brave and the Bold #029)

Another figure who makes great use of the old time stealth + long range combo. Setting up your attacks well, you could really pile up the Improvise tokens, helping you take out even more figures. Just make sure that she isn’t in the center of the firefight unprotected.


August General in Iron (Justice League #034)

In perfect honesty, he’s not as effective as Ben G. But AGII can still bring the hurt, with lots of Exploit Weakness and 3 damage. If feats are allowed, Auto Regen would be put to good use here.


That’s it for the lieutenants. Next time: those specialist types…