My Custom Mods [mod BONUS 2]: VENUS

Posted on June 27, 2011


Also overlooked in the My Custom Mods series was this one.

VENUS (Hammer of Thor #052)

Aside from the dots-for-eyes phenomenon that’s plaguing HeroClix paint jobs in recent sets, there doesn’t seem to be anything to mod here…

…or is there?

Right side...

...left side.

Hey! They painted over her sleavage!

She's ALWAYS flashing the sleavage. (And it always brings the boys to the yard.)

This painting error is unfortunate. So I:

  • Painted the white on her left sideboob to match her right sideboob.

Now THAT'S character-accurate!

And that, at last, concludes My Custom Mods for the forseeable future — until, of course, something else gets screwed up or isn’t quite comic-accurate to my liking. Then…I just might do something about it. 🙂

Be here next week for a new feature: the thought process behind each of the DC cards with art.