Top Ten Green Lantern Corps: #4 & #3

Posted on June 2, 2011


Number 4 of the GLC  is:

Hal Jordan (DC 75th Anniversary #W-4)

Why he’s a top piece:

  • There’s absolutely no Green Lantern fig as durable as him. With starting 18 Impervious + Shape Change that “downgrades” to 17 Invulnerability + his “Leader of the White Lanterns” SP (that actually heals him for free on a successful Leadership roll), then a spike back to Impervious+Shape Change (with 19 DV!!!) before settling to Toughness and the damage-stopping/Regeneration-granting “LIVE!” SP, it takes a LOT to put him down for good.
  • He’s also offensively capable with very high AV and 3+ damage for most of his 8-click dial.
  • A stretch of TK ensures he’s useful even off his opening Running Shot click.
  • Oh, and there’s a neat little trait that allows him to theme-team-up with other Lantern Corps.

Why he’s not higher on the list:

  • No Willpower whatsoever makes him very push-unfriendly and thus very overshadowed by the top GLs in playability.

If you’re fortunate enough to have this, one of THE most sought-after White Lantern chase figures, enjoy the fourth-best GLC fig in the game.


The #3 GLC fig is:

Green Lantern (DC 75th Anniversary #200)

He makes the list because:

  • He’s got great Green Lantern powers: Running Shot, double targets, Perplex and Indomitable 17 ESD — for a relative bargain price.
  • When an enemy succeeds in shutting down his range attacks by damaging and basing him, instead of getting soft and largely folding like many other GLC members, he becomes a dangerous mid-dial melee fighter with Blades, Toughness and Plasticity.

He’d be higher on the list if not for:

  • His lack of opening damage reduction (though being 19-20 to hit from range largely mitigates that weakness).
  • A higher AV on click 2 that he’s unlikely to see. He’s Indomitable and thus won’t likely willingly sacrifice the click for such marginal benefit, but he’s even more unlikely to take just one click of damage under any circumstances. It’s just weird.

Solidly playable with surprising flexibility, 2011’s FCBD Green Lantern is Heroclixin’s vote for #3.

Be back tomorrow for the top two (…or more…;)) GLC figs in Heroclixin’!