Top Ten Green Lantern Corps: #6 & #5

Posted on June 1, 2011


Number 6 of the GLC  is:

Abin Sur (Green Lantern Fast Forces #006)

Why he’s a top piece:

  • Not only is he the cheapest-by-far source of the GL TA (for Carry-ready wildcards such as Dr. Strange to copy) at 50 points, but…
  • …his “Always Uses A Ship” SP makes him the first character in the game who can carry any single-based character regardless of combat symbols or keywords. So yes: he can carry a fellow GLC member despite the fact that they all fly.
  • High Speed value makes him very efficient in his taxi role.

Why he’s not higher on the list:

  • Weak overall AV and DV stats, especially compared with other top GL pieces. Despite Super Senses and 3 damage, he’s a relatively easy KO and not much of a fighter.

Still, his SP changes the game for the GLC and HeroClix alike, easily making him Heroclixin’s #6 GLC fig.


The #5 GLC fig is:

Kilowog (Green Lantern Gravity Feed #003)

He makes the list because:

  • He’s a rare close combatant for the GLC thanks to Charge and Super Strength, and highly competent at it to boot. Dial-long Invulnerability or Toughness rounds out the package.
  • Enhancement and 8 range means he’s got something to do for others and himself until the enemy reaches Charge range.
  • Indomitable keeps him pushing painlessly.
  • When he takes damage, he bumps his nearby fellow Brute, GLC or Soldier allies’ AV via his “Tough Drill Instructor” SP from clicks 2-7.

He’d be higher on the list if not for:

  • His DV sinks mid-dial to an anemic 15. (Fortunately, he’s got Invulnerability to bolster that!)

His unique blend of frontline brawling, secondary shooting and support skills makes Kilowog the #5 best GLC figure so far in HeroClix.

Be back tomorrow for numbers 4 and 3!