Top Ten Green Lantern Corps: #8 & #7

Posted on May 31, 2011


Number 8 is:

Green Lantern (Blackest Night #004)

Why he’s a top piece:

  • His opening slot of the grey powers of Running Shot, Telekinesis, Invulnerability and Leadership are all great for both him individually and for the team.
  • Good AV until final click.
  • “Green Willpower” SP makes him pretty push-friendly.

Why he’s not higher on the list:

  • He’s VERY soft down the dial if he falls off his first two clicks.
  • There are better Hal Jordans for the points, too.

If you can protect that top dial, though, BN Hal can indeed endure through blackest night. He’s the #8 best GL.


The #7 GLC fig is:

Tomar Re (Green Lantern Corps #007)

He makes the list because:

  • He’s got the longest range of all Lanterns. 12 range plus…
  • Perplex. And Running Shot. That gives him a potential unaided “swing” of a whopping 18 squares.
  • Great defense too at 18 + Toughness.
  • His “Scientist” keyword is quite versatile.
  • A push only increases his ranged defense to 17+ESD and gives him Enhancement for the pals he may be carrying with his GLC TA.

He’d be higher on the list if not for:

  • a sharp dropoff in stats and powers beyond his first clicks.

That long, long range for such economic price makes the original Tomar Re the #7 GL in the game.

Be back tomorrow  when the list hits the midpoint!