Top Ten Green Lantern Corps: #10 & #9

Posted on May 30, 2011


Number 10 is:

Ch’p (Green Lantern Corps #002 )

Why he’s a top piece:

  • I’ll just quote from my old review from 2006, the year of his debut:
  • “Do you hear that? That squeaking, chattering sound? It’s the chipmunk-like voice of Ch’p here saying: ‘Push me. PUSH MEEEE!’

    Ch’p is made to be played on his 2nd click as one mother of a GL tank, able to lend his 18 defense to a full ring of carried figures. 
    Mid-dial he goes into alien squirrel battle rage when he gains RCE and a 10 attack value. His dial’s a bit short, but by the time the enemy digs through to hit him, the game’s likely over.”
  • In addition to his 18 Defend, on the same clicks he bears Running Shot and 3 damage, enabling him to be offensive as well. This makes him the best GL tank figure for the points by FAR.

Why he’s not higher on the list:

  • Short dial, that’s made even shorter by the necessity of pushing to click #2.
  • In fact, he’s ALL ABOUT that single click. Once off it, he’s mostly roadkill.
  • Just an OK fighter at best.

Still, this space critter packs enough utility to be one of the best GLs to build a team around, and thus makes the list.

The #9 ?

TIE: Experienced Green Lantern (Unleashed #083) and Green Lantern (Green Lantern Fast Forces #001)

They make the list because:

  • Both can use Willpower to either TK pals into the fight or move themselves in range one turn and then push freely on the next to unleash Ranged Combat Expert hell upon a target.
  • Both bear a nice starting DV of 18.

They tie because:

  • While the newer GL is far tougher with better numbers down the line, the Unleashed GL is more combat-ready with Running Shot instead of Phasing and 10 range instead of 8 for the exact same price of 125 points. Neither are unnecessarily bloated with the costly GL TA, either.

They’d be higher on the list if not for:

  • Middling AV numbers down the line and no damage reducers on the older piece;
  • Lack of moving attack on the first click holds the FF GL back.

Nevertheless, when you’re looking for a budget GL that can deal premium effect on the game, these are your guys.

Be back tomorrow for the 8th and 7th on the list! Hint: they both wear green and black. 😉