My Custom Mods [mod 41]: GATCHAMAN/Battle of the Planets!

Posted on May 23, 2011


Decades ago, as a wee boy, I watched “Battle of the Planets” every day at the Kinder-Care. To say they left an impression is a bit of an understatement. To this day, once every few years, I get Gatchaman fever.

Science Ninja Team GATCHAMAN: Ken the Eagle, Ryu the Owl, Jinpei the Swallow, Jun the Swan, and Joe the Condor. (Or, if you prefer: Mark, Tiny, Keyop, Princess and Jason: G-FORCE!)

Last year, after designing some dream dials for the characters, I decided to mod an actual Gatchaman HeroClix figure.

Required powers:

  • Stealth. Despite the bright colors, these Science Ninjas are masters of sneakin’ around.
  • Leap/Climb or something like it. They don’t get tied up easily.
  • High AV. Every one of them is an expert fighter who can take down a dozen Galactor agents with ease.
  • Range…but not too much of it.
  • Some sort of moving attack ability. They’re all great at fighting on the move.

I decided that OOTS Batman was the best choice.

His SP in particular very much approximates Gatchaman’s ability to come and go and attack with ease. Outwit isn’t a stretch, either; they’re Science Ninjas well-equipped with high technology.

For the sculpt, I chose another member of the Bat-fam: Robin (Arkham Asylum).

Here’s what I did to make the mod:

  • Cut deeper points on his cape.
  • Filed down costume details.
  • Repainted entire fig in white, red blue and yellow (’cause naturally, Ken the Eagle is the first one to make).
  • Encased head in a globe of E-6000 glue to make helmet.
  • Cut fig off roof detail.
  • Tried cutting blue translucent plastic to create glass “bill” visor. Didn’t work.
  • Tried this several times over a period of months. STILL didn’t work.
  • Added and sculpted some more E-6000 glue to make visor. Took a few tries.
  • Painted visor in translucent blue.
  • Painted helmet details.
  • Removed OOTS Batman from his dial; glued on newly-made Gatchaman.

Completed, finally, in late-spring 2011…just in time for that Batman figure to be retired. 🙂

For a while, this was expected to be the last of my custom mods. But just as I completed it, I also did another repaint of a costume I’ve long wanted in clix. Be here next time to see how wonderful (?) it is.