My Custom Mods [mod 40]: NOVA PRIME custom

Posted on May 16, 2011


V Nova (Supernova)

This dial best represents Richard Rider just prior to the events of Annihilation…right down to the mid-dial Hypersonic Speed. But it’s woefully underpowered for Nova Prime.

Outfit's wrong, too.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Similar to my earlier Black Widow custom, where I took a Gambit dial to better represent her powers, I used Hammer of Thor’s Air-Walker to sub as Nova powered by the full Nova Force:

  • He’s got Power Cosmic to signify his elevated power levels;
  • He’s Hypersonic from the get-go and further down the dial, yet his opening Super Senses well-represents his less-than-full command of his new abilities. Indeed, ALL his powers fit his profile. And, most of all;
  • …he still has the Nova Corps keyword!

Not a bad stand-in! And, unlike the earlier Black Widow mod, having the right keyword ensures that I’ll actually use him.

Now I just needed to make the look fit the dial. Here’s what I did:

  • I already took Air-Walker off the dial and added a flight stand to the dial.
  • Painted entire figure in blue modelers’ paint.
  • Used E-6000 hobby glue to add on armor plating details.
  • Painted on gold enamel for said elements.
  • Painted in some final details (chiefly the white glowing chest emblems).

Completed mid- 2010.

Next: two Bat-allies become a completely urelated and un-clixed character.