Token Totin’ THORsday!

Posted on May 12, 2011


The “Thor” film is good…good enough to easily carry its share of the Marvel Studios load to make Avengers work next year. Fittingly, the comic god of thunder can tote his tokens in HeroClix as well, leading to this all-Thor edition of Token Totin’…on his day, no less (as Thursday is a corruption of Thor’s Day). Starting with the Hammer of Thor fig:

Fit it behind his right helmet wing and his hammer arm for best results.

It’s a bit tenuous. You may have to try a few spots before you find the one that works with the way your particular HoT Thor is bent.

The oft-feuding brothers Thor & Loki work together to tote the token:

Wedges easily between Thor's cape and right knee.

And there’s absolutely no shortage of ways for Thor’s Mighty Chariot to haul objects.

Back to normal, non-duo figures. Supernova Thor has an easier time of it than his HoT successor:

Also in his armored 286-point iteration:

And though I again don’t have the actual piece, this is one I’ve tested and mocked up in Photoshop…Clobberin’ Time Thor:

But…wait. Wasn’t there one more Thor sculpt? Yeah…

…but he’s devoid of actual Super Strength. (‘Cause he’s not really Thor. Not really.)