Friday F.U.N. Figure review: MADROX (Giant-Size X-Men)

Posted on April 22, 2011


Multiple men making many monologues.

One of my favorite characters, Madrox the Multiple Man makes another appearance in HeroClix. He’s quickly vaulted to the top of my “want-to-play” list, being another F.U.N. (Friendly, Useful, Neat or Nifty) piece:


GX Madrox is not a min/max piece (or pieces):
  • Lacking any sort of moving attack or carry ability (unlike, say, Cuckoos), they can have trouble getting into the fight proper.
  • It also takes two or more to really leverage their powers. But that’s 88+ points that might not be better than other characters with more fighting prowess.
  • There’s also the double-edged sword of his trait, which could mean a boatload of extra victory points for your opponent.
GX Madrox still has utility, though, serving a different role on each click of life:
  • 1st click: Sporting Toughness, he’s good Mastermind fodder, an X-Men heal battery, and a general meat shield/tie-up piece — which, if he’s run in multiples, makes him a potential Flurry piece as well (via his “More The Merrier” SP: “Madrox can use Flurry, but only if a friendly character whose name includes “Madrox” or “Multiple Man” is adjacent to the target of his first attack using Flurry.”). All this may just be biding time for:
  • 2nd click: Perplex. You should know how to use this power. It’s very easy to get to this click either by pushing or X-Men TA. Coupled with his SP Flurry, this could be the best click to stay on.
  • 3rd click: Outwit. This is his only click lacking his SP Flurry. He’s most likely to be hit to this click or X-heal to it. Could be very useful.
  • 4th and 5th clicks: He’s got Willpower, which is perfect for an emergency X-heal of a pal or a surprise Flurry if he’s got another Madrox to activate his reappearing SP.
C’mon. It’s Madrox!
  • He’s one of those few characters that no one can reasonably complain about using in multiples. It’s what he does! It’s what he is! Er…What they are!
    (Who he are?)
  • And don’t forget his ability to bring in an additional GX Jamie Madrox or GX Madrox. If Willpower’s showing, bring in Jamie. His dial’s longer and powers are better — the 4 range catches people by surprise. If the original took less damage, though, bring in a matching Madrox and double your Perplex or Outwit, suddenly.
Have a great clixin’ weekend!