More Giant-Size Token Totin’!

Posted on March 22, 2011


I continue my photographic journal of the Super-Strong characters that can hold their object tokens, this time with characters I (mostly) don’t own yet:

First, Ch’od, the most recently clix’d of the Starjammers:

He holds it easily in his massive reptilian arms.

Next is one of those D-list characters that pretty much only get made in HeroClix, Gatecrasher:

Stick the token between her head and her pet whose name I can't recall.


Armor, who’s almost undoubtedly going to be the cheap SR of GSX, has no problem pulling her weight:

Another one who not only holds it, but holds it COOL.


Colossus / Wolverine juggles a feral Canadian mutant and a Fantasti-Car at once:

It fits neatly between Wolvie's left claw and Colossus' head.


Finally…you know who the HECK this IS?!?
It’s the Juggernaut…um…you probably know the rest.

The space between his armpit and his dial fits an object token PERFECTLY.