GIANT-SIZE Token-Totin’!

Posted on March 18, 2011


I build this blog on a Mac and Safari. I’m just now noticing that this:

…does NOT show up on Internet Explorer. Huh. Need to fix that next week!

Anyway, on to this special, brand-new-set-released edition of the usually-semiweekly Token Totin’ feature: a photojournal of how Super Strength characters can hold their object tokens.

Instead of spreading these out, I just decided to show all the candidates I pulled in the brick I bought.

First in line is Omega Prime Sentinel:

It's a little bit hard to see from this angle. But she holds it gingerly in her left armpit mostly from the front.

And this of course also works for her LE sculptmate, Karima.

Next is the whole-lot-uglier Mindless One:

It barely holds the token in a mirror image of OPS: right pit, from behind.

Then, Pretty Boy (who isn’t really one. Not really):

Even though his armpit's holding less of the token than the previous two figs do, the grip seems better somehow.

The next Super Strong fig would be Aaron Stack. But I could find no secure way for him to hold his object tokens at all. NEXTwave!!!


Many figures in this pose can hold tokens wedged in the stat slot and under the chin. He just does it less well than many.

Gideon (who doesn’t actually have Super Strength but can gain it via his Special Power):

Wedges securely under the ponytail!


Also uses the ponytail. Mine was painted to her shoulder, but it was easy --and non-damaging to separate them.

 Blob is Super Strong.

Wedges securely from behind between his head and fists!

And, finally, The Captain (HIS NAME IS THE CAPTAIN!!!) holds his pretty awesomely:

The jagged edge of the giant finger works great as token holder.


That’s it for now; I didn’t pull Ch’od, Gatecrasher, Juggernaut or other Super Strength characters. But expect that I’ll get pix of them, hook or crook! And have a great time this weekend!