Top Ten Black Characters: #8 and #7

Posted on February 22, 2011


The #8 piece is one of the first black heroes created:

Black Panther (#024 Avengers)

A dial chock-full of Leap/Climb and either Perplex or Outwit makes BP an excellent support piece. His starting 11 AV puts him among the elite fighters. It’s his wild card status, however, that makes him most versatile, allowing him to:

  • share that 11 AV with Batman Enemy/Sinister Syndicate TA users;
  • hide with Batman Allies;
  • peer at Stealthed targets with Superman Ally /Ultimates;
  • deter attacks with Mystics, and so on.

Costing nearly 100 points with no range or moving attack keeps the king of Wakanda out of the running for highly competitive figures. But on this list, he stacks fairly well. Add either Lunge or Pounce to give him some extra fighting oomph. Or play him as pure (if expensive) support and make him a Brilliant Tactician for Avengers, Fantastic Four, Ruler or Spider-Man Ally teammates.

#7 is that enforcer from the future:

Bishop (#014 Mutations & Monsters)

100 points gets you, initially, a strong ranged fighter with Running Shot and 19 DV from shooters. But you’re playing him to soon push him to Outwit.

The drawback, of course, is that he’ll suddenly become a prime target, and his 17 Toughness won’t protect him much from even light hits. But said light hit lands him on the potentially more dangerous RCE, while a big shot simply leads to still more Outwit.

His end-dial bearing Regen gives him both potential to come back to solid fighting shape and to serve as an X-Men team battery. It’s for all this utility, in addition to his strength as a secondary attacker, that he’s the #7 top Black character in ‘Clix.

Tomorrow we hit the midpoint!