Top Ten Black Characters: #10 and #9

Posted on February 21, 2011


As should be customary for Heroclixin’ in the future, each month I’m taking a week off from the usual features to do a Top Ten countdown. Last Friday I introduced this Top Ten Black Characters in HeroClix list (along with an honorable mention).

Here’s my #10:

Black Manta (#049 Arkham Asylum)

On the surface, he doesn’t look like much. But he’s got a SP granting Perplex for himself or other swimmers, so suddenly he can:

  • HSS-lite at a respectable 9 AV;
  • Psychic Blast a brick using either 11 AV or for 3 damage;
  • Increase his range to 7 squares, tagging that target who thought he was safe;
  • Protect himself with an 18 DV.

All for less than 70 points. His Injustice League TA isn’t very good, and his keywords stink, too. But he’s just good enough to make this Top Ten list for his way of slipping under the radar and doing way more hurt than he really ought to.


#9 is one my favorite HC pieces ever…

Veteran Mr. Terrific (#018 Legacy)

With a mediocre-at-best DV of 16 with Willpower and mere 2 damage, even his double-target Incap at 8 range with Outwit don’t look remotely worth 80 points.

But the “T” also stands for “team.” You have to use that JSA TA to shore up his DV. Then (since he’s Golden Age anyway) add the feat Protected, which is all but made for him (and highly character-accurate, representing his tricking enemies to hitting a T-Sphere-generated hologram double).

Now force your opponents into a devil’s choice: hit Terrific, activating Protected to push to becoming a Stealthed PCer, or leave him alone and let him keep Outwitting and Incapping just about every turn with Willpower.

Either way, you win, even if the worst happens and he falls, because they just spent at least three actions focusing on him instead of the bigger fighters he’s running interference for. “Fair Play” at its finest and enough to be the #9 top black HeroClix.

Come back tomorrow for #8 and #7!