Top 10 Black characters in Heroclix: intro

Posted on February 18, 2011


I’m interrupting my usual weekly features to start a new regular monthly one β€” Top Ten Countdowns! (I had such a blast doing the various Top Tens of 2010 that I didn’t want to stop.)

It’s February, a.k.a. “Black History Month.” In its honor, I’m counting down the Top Ten Black Characters in Heroclix.

For the purposes of this countdown, here’s my definition of “black character”:

  1. A character of African descent.
  2. A character visually indistinguishable from such, regardless of origin.

In years past, I used to include Egyptians such as Asp in this category, simply because there weren’t many good Black characters to go around. And while I’ll still put M+M Apocalypse on my afro-teams, I no longer strictly count him. Similarly, I won’t be including Little Sure Shot; his sculpt is African, but the character is Native American.

Introductions are done. Who’s #10? Be here Monday to find that out. Until then, here’s the Honorable Mention foreshadowed by the art up top:

Captain America (#019 Secret Invasion)

At a svelte 49 points, black Cap here buys you a long dial of tie-up. Very similar to the barely-cheaper Guardian from Collateral Damage, he loses the older piece’s three clicks of Toughness for just one but gets much better numbers (especially in DV, though, in practice, they fare just about the same). A good filler for Soldier themes, too.