My Custom Mods [mod 35]: CAPTAIN AMERICA (Avengers)

Posted on February 14, 2011



There was once an excellent painter at WizKids who decided to cross over into sculpting. He was less than entirely successful.

Attempting to recreate this beefy, heroic he-man:

…he produced this elephantiasis-headed 101-pound weakling:

Oh. This was the "before" Super Soldier Serum shot, right?

Anyway, just as I wrote some weeks ago that a pair of characters made it onto my favorites of 2010 simply because their sculpts were fantastically fun, so this one proves the inverse. It’s so BAD that despite having a decent dial, it never hits my table.

I decided to replace him with another World War II-era ‘Clix with better proportions: SGT. ROCK from Cosmic Justice.

Here’s how I tackled this months-long project:

  • Removed CAPTAIN AMERICA (Avengers) sculpt from base (and rock).
  • Used hobby knife to remove shield from Cap’s arm.
  • Removed SGT. ROCK sculpt from its base.
  • Used hobby knife to remove rifle from SGT. ROCK’s left hand.
  • Glued shield to SGT. ROCK’s left arm.
  • Filed down grenade in SGT ROCK’s right hand.
  • Filed down sergeant insignia on SGT. ROCK’s helmet.
  • Filed down shirt lapels and dogtags.
  • Glued rifle to SGT. ROCK’s right hand and arm.
  • Repainted SGT. ROCK with acrylic paints.
  • Glued modded SGT. ROCK sculpt to CAPTAIN AMERICA (Avengers) base.

Completed mid-2010. Though I still haven’t run the piece in an actual game…

IN TWO WEEKS: Another ambitious mod of a returned character. Next Monday, though, will be a new Top 10 series (something I plan to make a monthly event). Be there!